About Us

About Us

We’re a team Fashiontechnology students at the University College of Ghent. We had the task to come up with a smart design which complies to the consumers’ needs keeping the ecological aspect in mind. A strong concept matched with a trendy theme had to be a priority. We noticed that innovation and sustainability aren’t always as easy to combine. The product had to have more than one purpose to be successful and the choice of material was also very important. It was an educational process for all of us.

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Cyclo is a sustainable, multifunctional cycle bag that can be used both as a handbag and a backpack. It comes with a removable 15-inch laptop cover. At the back there is a pocket to hide small important things ( e.g. wallet, keys...).


he bag has a minimalistic trapezium shaped design. Installing or removing the bag from the bicycle luggage rack is very easy thanks to a handy system. The adjustable belt allows the bag to be transformed in either a handbag or backpack. Cyclo is made of Skai EVIDA leather, over 80% of the components used in skai Evida consist of natural and renewable raw materials. The belts are made of inner bicycle tubes.

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